Never spend the day
dragging electrical cords around the house again

If you have never seen this product in action, you need to check it out.  Never spend a day dragging electrical cords around the house again.  We offer complete design, installation and service for our Central Vacuum System. Our product has proven itself time and time again with the quietes, most powerful units on the market. We are proud to be the authorized dealer for MD Manufacturing. See below for an example of a complete starter central vac package for your home.  


Flomaster Unit

• Stealth Powerhead kit w/ included accessories
• Installation w/ free demonstration
• The most popular central vac system unit by far is the Silentmaster S2 paired with the direct

SilentMaster S2 Unit

• Stealth Powerhead Kit with hose sock and accessories
• Garage Care Kit
• Installation w/ free demonstration