The Quandary of Laundry

The Quandary of Laundry

In our hearts we all are a little like Linus, waiting for our blankets to come out of the dryer.  But we can wash and dry responsibly too, with cold water whenever possible and with full loads to maximize efficiency. Yes, Linus, you should wait until there are a couple of other things to wash WITH the blanket.

Don’t overload dryers. Overloaded dryers use more energy, cause clothes to wrinkle so they may need to be ironed, and wears out clothes more quickly.

Use suds savers and front-loading washers for maximum efficiency.

Always adjust the water level to fit load size.  It’s just paying attention, simple things, running a little load on super wastes money, energy, and time.

Overloaded washers don’t clean clothes as effectively so they even may need to be rewashed.  A little patience can go a long way, you might be preserving the life of the items you’re washing as well.

Clean the lint filter after each drying cycle to maintain dryer efficiency.  Like anything that moves air, let it breathe.